Queen- 28/2/1981 (Argentina ,Bs As)

1. We Will Rock You (Fast)
2. Let Me Entertain You
3. Play The Game
4. Mustapha
5. Death On Two Legs
6. Killer Queen
7. I’m In Love With My Car
8. Need Your Loving Tonight
9. Rock It
10. Save Me
11. Now I’m Here
12. Dragon Attack
13. Love Of My Life
14. Keep Yourself Alive
15. Instrumental Inferno
16. Flash/The Hero
17. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
18. Bohemian Rhapsody
19. Tie Your Mother Down
20. Another One Bites The Dust
21. Sheer Heart Attack
22. We Will Rock You
23. We Are The Champions

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Ayreon- Discografia

The Final Experiment (1995)


Arjen Lucassen

Barry Hay
Edward Reekers
Ian Parry
Jan-Chris de Koeijer
Jay van Feggelen
Lenny Wolf
Leon Goewie
Robert Soeterboek
Ruud Houweling
Debby Schreuder
Mirjam van Doorn
Lucy Hillen
Astrid v/d Veen (bonus)
Esther Ladiges (bonus)
Irene Jansen(bonus)
John Cuijpers (bonus)
Marcela Bovio (bonus)
Peter Daltrey (bonus)
Rodney Blaze (bonus)
Valentine (bonus)


Arjen Lucassen

Cleem Determeijer
Ernst van Ee
Jan Bijlsma
Jolanda Verduijn
Peter Vink
Rene Merkelbach
Davy Mickers (bonus)
Lori Linstruth (bonus)
Jeroen Goossens (bonus)
Valentine (bonus)



In the year 2084 scientists have found a way to send messages back into time using time telepathy. With the earth nearly destroyed by many different causes, they have one hope for the experiment: warn the past of the future to avert the fate of earth.

Act I
The receiver of the telepathic messages is Ayreon, a blind minstrel living in 6th century Britain. He's lived his life in darkness from the day he was born, but one fateful day everything changes- Ayreon can see images. The minstrel believes these visions are sent to him by the Lords of Time. Unaware of how much time there is left before earth is destroyed Ayreon sets out to tell the tale of earth's demise singing songs of wars, natural disaster, and computer technology. The terrifying tales frighten the villagers who run him out of town.

Act II
Alone, and cast out of his village, Ayreon goes to King Arthur's castle, and, being a famed minstrel, he is allowed to sing of his visions in the King's very own court.

Jealous of his ability to foresee the future, Merlin, the court's wizard, isn't pleased with Ayreon's message, convincing the court the minstrel must be a fake.

Act IV
Merlin believes it is necessary to silence Ayreon forever and curses him. With the curse completed Merlin realizes his error, but it is too late. The wizard then predicts that the message will arrive in the mind of another minstrel at the end of the 20th century...


1. Prologue
(a) The Time Telepathy Experiment
(b) Overture
(c) Ayreon's Quest
2. The Awareness
(a) The Premonition
(b) Dreamtime
(c) The Awakening
3. Eyes of Time
(a) Eyes of Time
(b) Brainwaves
4. The Banishment
(a) A New Dawn
(b) The Gathering
(c) The Accusation
(d) The Banishment
(e) Oblivion
5. Ye Courtyard Minstrel Boy
6. Sail Away from Avalon
7. Nature's Dance
8. Computer reign (Game Over)
9. Waracle
10. Listen to the Waves
11. Magic Ride
12. Merlin's Will
13. The Charm of the Seer
14. Swan Song
15. Ayreon's Fate
(a) Ayreon's Fate
(b) Merlin's Prophecy
(c) Epilogue

Actual Fantasy (1996)



Edward Reekers Okkie Huysdens Robert Soeterboek


Arjen Lucassen Cleem Determeijer Rene Merkelbach Ed Warby (Revisited) Peter Vink (Revisited)


On 'Actual Fantasy' Arjen wanted to stimulate fantasy, not simulate reality. Actual fantasy is the opposite of virtual reality.

Actual Fantasy
This song is the intro of the CD and starts like a fairy-tale, beautiful, with a classical orchestra.

Abbey of Synn
Synn is the old spelling for 'sin' and also refers to the important role of the synthesizer on the CD. Inspired by the movie 'Name of the Rose' with Sean Connery, the song tells the story of a monastery where laughter is strictly forbidden. One by one monks die mysteriously each having a blackened finger and tongue. It turns out that the monks have discovered a book of comedy written by Aristotle, but the pages are poisoned; if you lick your finger to turn a page it will kill you.

Stranger From Within
In this story that Arjen wrote himself, doctors are trying to find a way to help a girl who is in a coma. In this state she begins to fantasize about some stranger. He could be dangerous, or harmless, or just a magician. The stranger tells her that she can cure herself using her own imagination, and then he allows the doctors to 'shoot' him as he takes the disease with him. The girl wakes up and the stranger from within has become part of her.

Computer Eyes
This song is a story Arjen wrote himself. It is about someone who has been playing a computer game for days. At a certain time he isn't able to tell anymore whether he's playing a game or has become part of it. He doesn't feel any emotions and has become like a hologram unable to find a way out. This song is certainly not an attack on computers, for this album could never have been made without computers. It just all depends on how you use computers and virtual reality.

Beyond the Last Horizon
This is story Arjen came up with during the last few days of his father's life. The story is set in the Middle Ages during the days of the crusades. One of the crusaders is ambushed and killed. After that it's a familiar story: he sees a light and he rides towards it on a road that disappears on the horizon. Beyond it is the 'last horizon': death. In most stories it says there is a beautiful light or heaven. But where he is, there is darkness. There is nothing beyond the last horizon; he will disappear.

Farside of the World
This song is based on 'The Navigator', an obscure Australian movie. It's about a boy in a medieval English village where the plague is killing most of the inhabitants. The boy falls and has a vision: in order to cure the village they must dig a hole straight through the earth, and- on the other side- place a cross on top of a silver tower.

Back on Planet Earth
In this story, written by Arjen himself, a boy lives in a space station. Humans have lost the ability to feel but he overhears the older people telling stories about the days when they lived on earth. On his computer the boy finds images of the most beautiful things, such as flowers and mountains, but he also finds out that earth was destroyed by wars and environmental disasters and people eventually had to live in space in order to survive. The boy realizes that after seeing people with emotions, and their laughter, he would rather have died on earth, than be in the cold space station.

Based on the movie 'The Neverending Story'. A boy steals a book from a store. The boy arrives too late for class, sneaks into the attic and crawls under a blanket to read the book. The fictitious world of 'Fantasia' is falling apart; it's being eaten by the Nothing. Symbolizing the fact that nobody's fantasizing anymore. The hero in the story has to cure the empress from her disease, and save 'Fantasia'. He does so by giving the Empress a name.

Dawn of Man
This is a very experimental song with vocoder and scratches on it. The story is based on Stanley Kubrick's '2001' and '2010', but with Arjen's own fantasy and interpretation incorporated. The listener should do the same; the lyrics cannot be explained one way. Just use your imagination!.


1. Actual Fantasy
2. Abbey of Synn
3. The Stranger from Within
4. Computer Eyes
5. Beyond the Last Horizon
6. Farside of the World
7. Back on Planet Earth
8. Forevermore
9. The Dawn of Man (bonus)



Intro Electric Castle (1998)



Anneke van Giersbergen
Arjen Lucassen
Damian Wilson
Edward Reekers
Edwin Balogh
George Oosthoek
Jay van Feggelen
Peter Daltrey
Robert Westerholt
Sharon den Adel


Arjen Lucassen
Clive Nolan
Ed Warby
Jack Pisters
Rene Merkelbach
Robby Valentine
Roland Bakker
Thijs van Leer
Ton Scherpenzeel

The Story:

Into the Electric Castle' tells the story of 8 stereotypical characters from different periods of time who suddenly find themselves in another dimension. A Highlander, Knight, Egyptian, Indian, Barbarian, Roman, Hippie and Futureman each try to understand where they are and what they are supposed to do. It is then that a voice rings out from the sky to tell them that the dimension they have arrived in is built on dreams and fears. In order to find their way back to their own dimension and time, they must go in search of The Electric Castle. During the search every character is forced to confront his or her innermost fears, and not everyone survives the treacherous journey to the Castle.

At the end of the journey those that successfully dealt with their personal demons find out that the voice belongs to an alien named 'Forever of the Stars', a member of an alien race living in a distant galaxy. These aliens created planet Earth and its people as an experiment so they could study, and hopefully one day experience emotions, as they themselves lost feelings eons ago.

'Into the Electric Castle' is a double CD. On disc 1 we experience the journey to The Electric Castle and on disc 2 we find out what happens when they arrive there.


Disc 1

1. Welcome to the New Dimension

2. Isis and Osiris
(a) Let the Journey Begin
(b) The Hall of Isis and Osiris
(c) Strange Constellations
(d) Reprise
3. Amazing Flight
(a) Amazing Flight in Space
(b) Stardance
(c) Flying Colours
4. Time Beyond Time
5. The Decision Tree (We're Alive)
6. Tunnel of Light
7. Across the Rainbow Bridge

Disc 2:

1. The Garden of Emotions

(a) All in the Garden of Emotions
(b) Voices in the Sky
(c) The Aggression Factor
2. Valley of the Queens
3. The Castle Hall
4. The Tower of Hope
5. Cosmic Fusion
(a) I Soar on the Breeze
(b) Death's Grunt
(c) The Passing of an Eagle
6. The Mirror Maze
(a) Inside the Mirror Maze
(b) Through the Mirror
7. Evil Devolution
8. The Two Gates
9. Forever of the Stars
10. Another Time, Another Space





Universal Migrator (2000)
Part 1: The Dream Sequencer



Arjen Lucassen
Damian Wilson
Edward Reekers
Floor Jansen
Jacqueline Govaert
Johan Edlund
Lana Lane
Mark McCrite
Neal Morse


Arjen Lucassen
Clive Nolan
Rob Snijders

The Story:

The Dream Sequencer

On 'Universal Migrator part I: The Dream Sequencer' Arjen picks up the story of The Final Experiment and the year 2084. Over a hundred years have passed since the last world war destroyed all life on earth, which the main character Ayreon already predicted in the 6th century (see the first Ayreon CD 'The Final Experiment').

During the battles a number of colonists resided on Mars, witnessing the destruction on earth from afar. For years they managed to keep themselves alive with the supplies they brought with them from earth. These supplies ran out and almost all colonists have died. The main character in the story is the last surviving human being, a child of the first colonists. He has never been on earth.

To make the boredom on Mars somewhat bearable, clever technicians designed the Dream Sequencer, a machine that allows Colonists to travel back to their own youth by means of hypnoses, but also to their lives before; their pre- incarnations so to speak.

It is in this machine that the Colonist relives his youth on Mars, his death as a woman on earth during the war of 2084, the first moonlanding of 1969, and his life as the standard bearer in the famous 17th century painting of Rembrandt: The Nightwatch. He stood on the shores of England as Queen Elisabeth I, watching the English fleet sail out to stop the Spanish Armada, and as a Mayan girl he witnessed sacred ceremonies in Tikal. We find out that the Colonist once was the minstrel Ayreon and that, in another even earlier incarnation, he was present during the construction of Stonehenge. His soul's first incarnation was the first human being on earth.


1. The Dream Sequencer
2. My House on Mars
3. 2084
4. One Small Step
5. The Shooting Company of Captain Frans B Cocq
6. Dragon on the Sea
7. Temple of the Cat
8. Carried by the Wind
9. And the Druids Turned to Stone
10. The First Man on Earth
11. The Dream Sequencer Reprise

Universal Migrator (2000)
Part 2: Flight Of The Migrator



Andi Deris
Bruce Dickinson
Damian Wilson
Fabio Lione
Ian Parry
Lana Lane
Ralf Scheepers
Robert Soeterboek
Russell Allen
Timo Kotipelto


Arjen Lucassen
Clive Nolan
Ed Warby
Gary Wehrkamp
Keiko Kumagai
Michael Romeo
Oscar Holleman
Rene Merkelbach


Flight of the Migrator

The Universal Migrator Part II continues the story of the last man alive on Mars as he decides to venture further back in time. He wants to go all the way back to the time right before the universe was created, a time when there was nothing but chaos. The Colonist witnesses the big bang and the creation of the first soul: The Universal Migrator. This soul divides in various new souls that each go in search of planets they can inhabit. This is how they bring life to various planets and start different civilizations.

In the Dream Sequencer program the Colonist follows the soul that is headed for earth. On his long journey through space, he passes astronomical manifestations such as quasars, pulsars, supernovas, black holes, and wormholes. He finally enters the solar system, but the DS program goes on overload. The Colonist should never have ventured that far back in time. The Dream Sequencer is desperately trying to wake the Colonist from his deep state of hypnoses, but it is too late; the Colonist dies in the machine. Then the Migrator speaks to him without words: "Eternity lies before you. You are the new Migrator!"

Ayreonauts Only (2000)



Anneke van Giersbergen
Arjen Lucassen
Astrid van der Veen
Damian Wilson
Edward Reekers
Ian Parry
Gary Hughes
Leon Goewie
Robert Soeterboek.


Arjen Lucassen
Cleem Determeijer
Ernst van Ee
Rene Merkelbach
Stephen van Haestregt.



Previously unreleased version from the album 'Flight Of The Migrator'

When I was in Los Angeles Lana Lane was kind enough to sing guide vocals for (amongst other songs) 'Into the Black Hole'. I sent this version to Bruce Dickinson and he really liked the song and Lana's vocals. But Bruce was extremely busy recording with Maiden so until the very last moment he wasn't sure if he could find the time to come to my place and sing it.
So when Damian flew in from England to sing 'And the Druids turn to Stone' he was finished within the hour as usual. Then I had him do backing vocals to 'Dawn of a Million Souls' but there was still a lot of time left! So then I had the spontaneous idea to have him sing 'Black Hole' too and if Bruce couldn't make it I would have a great version for the album anyway. But obviously Bruce did make it (and a fabulous job he did!) and so I had two other great versions of the song lying around. I then decided to make a mix of Lana's and Damian's vocals. I'm sure you will like the result, I know I do!


Previously unreleased version from the album 'Flight Of The Migrator'

Robert Soeterboek, my good friend and musical companion for many years now who sang on almost all of my Ayreon albums sang guide vocals for 'White Hole'. I still remember Timo's reaction when he heard Robert's version I sent him: "Perkele (Finnish curse)! This guy sounds more like Coverdale than Coverdale himself!". And Timo was concerned that he was supposed to sing it exactly like Robert, but of course Timo has got an entirely different voice and did a marvelous job as I'm sure you will agree in his own distinctive way. So the great thing about this version is that it is sung so different from the album version you know, but just as good in my opinion.


Previously unreleased version from the album 'Flight Of The Migrator'

Ian Parry, another friend of mine (from the Vengeance days) really helped me out by doing guide vocals to a couple of songs of the Flight album. What a true professional this guy is. He raged into the studio like a whirlwind and a couple of hours later he was finished. Out of the three songs he did I like his version of 'Wormhole' best, and you'll find that again it is quite different from Fabio's version. Now here it is for all to hear.

4. CARPE DIEM (Chaos)

Previously unreleased 1992 Home demo

After Vengeance stopped in 1992 I formed this band called Plan Nine (later Planet Nine, because there was already a band called Plan Nine). We had Robert Soeterboek on vocals, Peter Vink (Q65, Finch, Ayreon) on bass and Cleem Determeyer (Finch, Ayreon) on keyboards. Unfortunately we never managed to get a deal because those were tough days for "our kind of music".
The instrumental song 'Carpe Diem' was meant for this band. This version is a 4 track home demo I recorded in 1992 with a drum computer. I still remember I had to play all the guitar parts from start to end in one take because I couldn't punch in on this old fashioned tape recorder.

I had this track lying around for 8 years and I never used it because in my eyes, er...ears it was a bit too heavy for Ayreon. But when I decided to do the heavy 'Flight' album I re-recorded this song and changed the title to 'Chaos' to fit the Universal Migrator concept. Of course the quality of this simple home recording is way below Ayreon standards but I just thought it would be interesting for you to hear the original demo version. Of course it doesn't have that brilliant drum solo by Ed Warby...


Previously unreleased Acoustic Version from the album 'The Dream Sequencer'

This newly recorded version of Temple of the Cat is sung by that prodigious young talent Astrid van der Veen of my new band Ambeon, for details please read the notes to song 11: Cold Metal. When you are used to the version on the Dream Sequencer you will probably have to get used to this version, because you'll find that Astrid sung it in her own special way. I know I should not compare these two versions, but in my opinion this acoustic version is even better than the original. This is the way I wanted this song to sound.


Previously unreleased version from the album 'Into the Electric castle'

The part of the Hippie on the Electric castle was originally sung by Mouse, who later sang on the Dream Sequencer album also. Due to unforeseen problems his vocals weren't used on ITEC and I sung the part of the Hippie myself. These problems have now been solved and luckily I still found some of his vocals on tape. I personally think they are far too good never to see the light of day, so I turned them into a nice Hippie medley. Dammit, listening back to it I feel he did a better job than me!
Oh, and by the way, if you are wondering who that raving madman at the end is, well…'there can only be one!'


Newly recorded 2000 version. Previously unreleased version from the album 'Actual Fantasy'

I did a small promotion tour in Germany and had a great time there with Gary Hughes, the singer of the popular British band Ten. We even did a very spontaneous acoustic live gig together and I really liked his voice. I will never forget he made the lyrics of a Thin Lizzy song up as he went along!
Now I never really liked the instrumental side of Beyond the Last Horizon on Actual Fantasy and always felt that the song needed a different, warmer approach. So now I recorded a more guitar-orientated new version with a real drummer (Stephen van Haestregt who also plays on the Ambeon album). And of course I immediately thought of Gary as the singer. I sent him a tape and got it back very quickly, only to find he did a great job! Only the guitar and synth solo remain from the old version, I re-recorded all the other instruments.


Previously unreleased 1994 Home demo. Previously unreleased version from the album 'The Final Experiment'

I browsed through all my old tapes to find some interesting recordings for this CD and I came across this 8 track 1994 home demo of 'Charm of the Seer' with drum computer. Ruud Houweling sang this song on the Final Experiment album. Maybe it's not as good as Ruud's version but I quite liked my own guide vocals on this demo.


Previously unreleased Studio Version. Previously unreleased version form the album 'The Final Experiment'

The song 'Eyes of Time' was a real problem song. I just couldn't find the right singer for it. I tried out 6 different singers until I finally found the right one in Kingdom Come's Lenny Wolf. However I also like the version of my former Vengeance band member Leon Goewie. I just felt that this version and mix was a bit too much over the top, being the second song on the Final Experiment album. This version was also featured on the rare 'Sail away to Avalon' single, but here it is now for everyone to hear.


Previously unreleased 1994 Home-demo

This song was also featured on the 'Sail Away to Avalon' single. It's an 8 track demo version of the acoustic 'Nature's Dance' song. On the album version my voice was processed through the rotating (Leslie) speaker of a Hammond organ. In this version there are no effects on my voice.

(Lucassen/van der Veen)

AMBEON preview!

I got an email from a guy who wrote me he recorded a 14 year old...er...young female singer called Astrid van der Veen, and someone suggested him to send an MP3 of some of her songs to me by email. Tears welled up in my eyes as I heard it, this was *exactly* the voice I was looking for! I could hardly believe such an amazing talent came from my own country Holland, so I called her up immediately. I sent her some Ayreon albums and she liked them, and also the idea of working with me on a new album.
As it happens I was just looking for a female singer for a project called Ambeon. I loaded some songs of all Ayreon albums into my new recording system. I've transformed them into new songs and added new sounds, instruments and vocals.

The name Ambeon is a combination of 'ambient' and 'Ayreon'. I was planning to make this a soft atmospheric album but I just can't seem to do it! So there will also be some big songs on the album. Don't expect a happy commercial album you can sing along with, it will be quite dark and mysterious, as you can hear on the preview track I've included here.


1. Into the Black Hole
(a) The Eye of the Universe
(b) Halo of Darkness
(c) The Final Door
2. Out of the White Hole
(a) M31
(b) Planet y
(c) The Search Continues
3. Through the Wormhole
4. Carpe Diem (Chaos)
5. Temple of the Cat (acoustic version)
6. Original Hippie's Amazing Trip
(a) Amazing Flight in Space
(b) Stardance
(c) Flying Colours
7. Beyond the Last Horizon
8. Charm of the Seer
9. Eyes of Time
10. Nature's Dance
11. Ambeon Preview: Cold Metal



The Human Equation (2004)



Arjen Lucassen
Devin Townsend
Devon Graves
Eric Clayton
Heather Findlay
James LaBrie
Irene Jansen
Magnus Ekwall
Marcela Bovio
Mikael Åkerfeldt
Mike Baker


Arjen Lucassen
Ed Warby
John McManus
Jeroen Goossens
Joost van den Broek
Ken Hensley
Martin Orford
Oliver Wakeman
Robert Baba


A man has a car accident and ends up in hospital in a comatose state. The car accident was very bizarre: it was broad daylight and there was no other car in sight. His wife and his best friend are keeping a vigil at his bed, trying to understand what happened, hoping he will wake soon.

Cut off from the outside world, the man finds himself trapped in a strange realm where his emotions- most of which he's ignored for a long time- have come to life to confront him with all the choices he has made in his life.

As he is taken from one memory to the next, he slowly becomes aware of all the events leading up to his accident, and realizes that if he ever wants to wake up from his coma, he must find a way out of his prison...


Disc 1
1. Day One: Vigil
2. Day Two: Isolation
3. Day Three: Pain
4. Day Four: Mystery
5. Day Five: Voices
6. Day Six: Childhood
7. Day Seven: Hope
8. Day Eight: School
9. Day Nine: Playground
10. Day Ten: Memories
11. Day Eleven: Love

Disc 2
12. Day Twelve: Trauma
13. Day Thirteen: Sign
14. Day Fourteen: Pride
15. Day Fifteen: Betrayal
16. Day Sixteen: Loser
17. Day Seventeen: Accident?
18. Day Eighteen: Realization
19. Day Nineteen: Disclosure
20. Day Twenty: Confrontation





01011001 (2008)


"Forever" Vocalists

* Hansi Kursch (Blind Guardian)
* Daniel Gildenlow (Pain Of Salvation)
* Tom S. Englund (Evergrey)
* Jonas Renkse (Katatonia
* Jorne Lande (Jorn)
* Anneke Van Giersbergen (Agua De Annique, The Gathering)
* Steve Lee (Gotthard)
* Bog Catley (Magnum)
* Floor Jansen (After Forever
* Magali Luyten (Virus IV)

"Man" Vocalists

* Simone Simons (Epica)
* Phindaeux Xavier (Phindeaux)
* Wudstik
* Marjan Welman (Elister)
* Lisolotte Hegt (Dial)
* Arjen Luccassen
* Ty Tabor (King's X)


* Arjen Lucassen - Guitar, Keys, Bass
* Ed Warby (Gorefest) - Drums
* Lori Linstruth (ex-Stream Of Passion) - Guitar solo
* Michael Romeo (Symphony X) - Guitar solo
* Derek Sherinian (Planet X) - Keyboard Solo
* Tomas Bodin (The Flower Kings) - Keyboard Solo
* Joost Van Den Broek (After Forever) - Keyboard solo, Piano
* Jereon Goossens (Flairck) - Flutes
* Ben Mthot (Dis) - Violin
* David Faber - Cello


On Planet Y, the seafaring 'Forever' have long ago forgone their emotions as well as becoming dependent on machines, in order to become immortal. Longing to rediscover emotions, the Forever send their DNA to planet Earth using a comet as vessel. The vessel reaches Earth seeding humanity, and causes the extinction of the dinosaurs. Humans rise and through them, Forever are able to relive lost emotions. However, Forever's continued meddling with humanity in order to make them evolve faster has disastrous consequences when their physical and mental evolution goes faster than their moral development; humanity starts becoming dependent on machines akin to Forever. As a result, they start slowly losing their emotions, and worst of all head toward the path to their own extinction. Forever must then orchestrate a way to help humanity save themselves, or should they even bother...is the experiment over?[2]

Forever chooses to try to help by altering the time streams to giving humanity the technology to perform the Time Telepathy Experiment (as explained in Ayreon's debut album, The Final Experiment), which would broadcast their inevitable doom to those before them in attempt to save themselves. However, the Experiment is a failure and humanity's self-destruction occurs despite Forever's desperate attempts. The Forever leave Earth, crushed by their failures, but the Migrator (from The Universal Migrator), the last man alive, leaves with them.


Disc 1 - Y

  1. "Age of Shadows" − 10:47
    1. incl. "We Are Forever"
  2. "Comatose" − 4:26
  3. "Liquid Eternity" − 8:10
  4. "Connect the Dots" − 4:13
  5. "Beneath the Waves" − 8:26
    1. "Beneath the Waves"
    2. "Face the Facts"
    3. "But a Memory..."
    4. "World Without Walls"
    5. "Reality Bleeds"
  6. "Newborn Race" − 7:49
    1. "The Incentive"
    2. "The Vision"
    3. "The Procedure"
    4. "Another Life"
    5. "Newborn Race"
    6. "The Conclusion"
  7. "Ride the Comet" − 3:29
  8. "Web of Lies" − 2:50

Disc 2 - EARTH

  1. "The Fifth Extinction" − 10:29
    1. "Glimmer of Hope"
    2. "World of Tomorrow Dreams"
    3. "Collision Course"
    4. "From the Ashes"
    5. "Glimmer of Hope (reprise)"
  2. "Waking Dreams" − 6:31
  3. "The Truth Is In Here" − 5:12
  4. "Unnatural Selection" − 7:15
  5. "River of Time" − 4:24
  6. "E=MC²" − 5:50
  7. "The Sixth Extinction" − 12:18
    1. "Echoes on the Wind"
    2. "Radioactive Grave"
    3. "2085"
    4. "To the Planet of Red"
    5. "Spirit on the Wind"
    6. "Complete the Circle"





Agradezco cualquier tipo de comentario y sugerencia del Disco a subir... (no cuesta nada dar tu opinión, me estimula mucho más a seguir con este blog).

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